Dear all,

Welcome to these virtual pages which provide basic information about Peninsula Agency and our current real estate offer.

Our small agency is very adaptable to the wishes and needs of every client. Our clients' satisfaction and safety are our priorities. In the course of conducting our business activities to-date, we have proven our ability to provide professional advertising services and real estate presentation to sellers as well as expert aid and documentation required to conclude the sale process. Customers are guaranteed a professional and expert approach in selecting their real estate as well as all necessary legal aid during the buying process.

We approach each client individually by making sure to pay him/her our maximum attention. If you are looking for a property, we will support you from day one. We will listen to your wishes, ideas and needs as well as to your possibilities and direct you to achieve your final goal – the optimum choice at maximum satisfaction! If you are selling your property, we will support you and ensure that your real estate gets the best possible price as well as find the customer in the shortest time possible.

I would especially like to emphasize that every real estate has been carefully selected and checked. All legal issues and transactions are dealt with by our highly professional legal team. Documentation for every of our real estates has undergone detailed legal verification. Therefore, we guarantee that a customer purchases property by avoiding any potential ownership transfer-related litigation or obstacle.

We are listed in the Real Estate Intermediary Registry at the Croatian Chamber of Economy as well as in the directory of real estate intermediary agents, which additionally guarantees the security and facilitates the sale and purchase of real estate as well as saves your time and money.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. We will be pleased to answer your questions and provide you with all information that you may require. If you find it in your interest, we will also arrange a meeting.

We will be pleased to welcome you on our premises in Novigrad, at ulica Kule 13 Regardless of whether you are buying or selling your real estate, do not forget: your visit to Peninsula Agency is your first step to a successful business transaction.


Katarina Nemet,
Owner and Director of Peninsula Agency