Sveti Petar u Šumi, Unique Roman-American villa in the center of Istria

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1.972.000 €14.790.000 Kn


On 2,200 m2 of marginal building land and at 350 m above sea level, a stone villa is growing surrounded by forests, landscaped hiking and biking trails, quiet surroundings and hardworking locals with more than fifty craftsmen.
This beautiful villa with its 515 m2 combines a content-rich, safe and airy home in a sparsely populated area near the forest.
Villa developed basement of 402 m2 with three bedrooms with private bathrooms of 25 m2 to 35 m2, private exits to the gardens to the north on one side, open area with two fireplaces of 72 m2 with direct entrance to the pool of 170 m2 and jacuzzi on the south side, on the other hand, and the central open living area of ​​90 m2 with large glass walls, forms an atrium courtyard, sheltered from view, positioned towards the vineyards to the west, thus providing a shield from wind and rain.
Upstairs there is a terrace for enjoying an area of ​​80 m2 with a green garden and jacuzzi and a beautiful view, and an office of 24 m2 with its own access, independent of the house.
Park places are located in the shadow of large collapsed walls in the northeast, thus protecting from the sun.
The space under the pool is an option and a permit has not yet been obtained for it, although there are conditions for that. The planned additional space includes a wine cellar of 21 m2, a fitness area of ​​36 m2, a Finnish and Turkish sauna of 24 m2, a bathroom of 7 m2, an indoor pool of 24 m2 and a relaxation area of ​​35 m2.
The interior is inspired by timeless French old style with rich antique style pieces of furniture, gold painted wooden chandeliers, unique kitchen in a combination of stone and wood, as well as unique bathrooms with stone lavenders and arches, buried bathtub next to the arched trifore overlooking the pool, stone showers and free-standing bathtubs right next to the windows overlooking the private gardens. There will be stone on the floors everywhere except in the rooms where wood is used. The house will be decorated with high walls and ceilings, decorated with natural Venetian plasters based on slaked lime and natural colors obtained from the ground. All the stone is handcrafted, respecting all the elements of Istrian stone architecture. Heating and cooling was solved with a heat pump and "fan coil" system, while all rooms were underfloor heating.


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